10 – 12 April 2019
Wallenberg Centre (Stias Conference Venue)
Stellenbosch University

Groundwater is a highly valuable resource especially in areas of low rainfall and low surface water supplies. The value of aquifers can be greatly increased by actually returning water to the aquifers when there is additional water available (be it from rainfall/runoff – treated effluent – diverted surface water flows etc).  This process is known as Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) and has huge potential in South Africa. It has the added benefit that water stored underground is not prone to high rates of evapotranspiration.  However it is a technology that can be quite complicated with many technical and legal hurdles to clear.

The world’s leading experts in MAR (from South Africa and Australia) will present 3 days of detailed training on the topic.


Global experts:
Russell Martin (WGA – Australia)
Ricky Murray (Groundwater Africa – South Africa)


    • Municipal water supply engineers
    • National & Provincial authorities
    • Water supply engineers
    • Project engineers
  • Geohydrologists
  • Students

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